Spectrum India/International, Providence, RI
252 Thayer Street
Providence, RI 02906

Store: (401) 421-1010 (call for hours)
Warehouse: (800) 556-2443
e-mail: service@spectrumindia.com

Specializing in life-enhancing clothing, accessories, books, CDs, candles and gifts

Established 1967 (Originally Emporium India, the retail location for India Imports of Rhode Island)
Located on College Hill, near the Avon Cinema

Featured in the Providence Journal
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Womens Hats
Read what guests at SPECTRUM say about us.




"This is the coolest store ever and we will be back a lot. Thank you!" ...Amanda H. Lincoln, RI

"Your store is truly one of a kind, and you are truly one of a kind! You are sweet and genuine and your clothes are unique and fun. Thank you and keep up the good work." ...Kendra S. Providence, RI

"I am slightly obsessed with this store." Kitie D.

"I walked in at midnight on a Friday night and made friends! Thank you for your interest and friendliness. I enjoyed the music, the people and will come back for the Brazilian jeans." ...A.P. Cumberland, RI

"Love the store & the mood when I come in. Very relaxing, great people!" ...Liz M. E. Providence, RI

"This store made me so happy." ...Rebecca T. Cranston, RI

"This store brings back wonderful memories of shopping in Spectrum India in my youth. A beautiful, peaceful no-nonsense shopping experience. Great clothes. Great prices!" ...Maryellen F. Rehoboth, MA

"When we're going shopping, Spectrum is always the first store we go to! You guys rock!" ...Mary F. Providence, RI

"Your store is fantastic! I will tell my friends. Best of luck in both business & life." ...Laura S.

"As always... unique and wonderful still, after the 25 years that I have been coming to your store." ...Lauren B. Providence, RI

"Love this store. It's a shame there aren't more like this one." ...Meg S. Newport, RI

"I truly enjoy coming to your store. You make me feel welcome. Thank you. See you soon." ...Gabriell S. Providence, RI

"I don't think I've ever been so pleased with a store before. I think its great that [a portion of] the funds from the merchandise go to such a great cause, Sacred Threads." ...Rebecca A. Portsmouth, RI

"I loved this store! Such luscious colors & glamorous designs! Loved the pleasant, peaceful atmosphere! Thank you!" ...Betsi G. Cranston, RI

"We got a badass skirt. Good store, great service." ...Nick & Kayla, Warwick, RI

"I love the store & the oils smell so good. You're a very nice person. I look forward to coming back here to go shopping. Gook luck with everything." ...Jesse C. E. Providence, RI

"Love the store. I will definitely be back!!!" ...Colleen C.

"I have never been treated so well at ANY store in all of my 20 years of shopping!! You may quote me!!" ...TB, MA

"This store is just amazing. This country needs more stores like yours. Your warmth and friendliness make me want to bring everyone to visit you! Thank you so much!" ...Christina D. Quincy, MA

"Whatever Jagdish (Spectrum's owner) is eating--we want all the boys to eat--so they are nice & pleasant & very kind like him." ...Elizabeth A.

"Meeting Jagdish and experiencing his great energy was spirit lifting. Being in his store is an inspiration every time!" ...Tiffaney L. Leominster, MA

"Memories are what you feel in here--and the friendly greeting was great!" ...April J. Providence, RI

"Service was wonderful. Never went any place to have people so willing to help. Will tell friends." ...Jennifer A.

"You are a very sweet man and I really enjoyed my visit here." ... Titi N. Quincy, MA

"Wonderful & kind. Owner made it special." ...Esther A.

"Great customer service, extremely nice and gentle." ...Sarah J. East Providence, RI

"Thanks for the compassion." ...M. A. East Greenwich, RI

"Thank you for your kindness & hospitality!" ...Kelly M. Bronxville, NY

"Thank you so much for your service. You have many beautiful things in your store!" ...Erin

"This place is the best! Best service ever!" ... Sarah, Annice, Jill PC

"Thanks for all your help!" ...Julia M. Pascoag, RI

"This place is everything I could ever ask for! It fits me to a T! Great service! ... Amber, Central Falls, RI

"Thank you for your kindness!! Best wishes. See you soon." ...The girl with the "unusual" striped skirt, Cranston, RI

"Beautiful store! Very different items! You are all so friendly and nice!!" ...T. C. Johnston, RI

"Beautiful & exotic clothes & jewelry for very sensible prices. An awesome find." ...Alicia S. Barrington, RI

"If you are looking for any Bohemian skirts, tanks and chandelier earrings, no one else compares." ...Phyllis S. Providence, RI

"This is my first time in this store. I LOVE all the bags... I plan on coming in a lot more often... beautiful bags & jewelry." ...Erin O. Cranston, RI

"I love this store. It has many styles you don't see in Rhode Island. I will be coming back!" ...Emily A. Kingston, RI

"Wonderfully selected styles for a unique taste. Excellent!" ...Tamar W.

"Your things are beautiful! I look forward to returning!" ...Vanessa R.

"Beautiful and hopeful clothing. Warm & peaceful. Thank you." ...Feather S. Providence, RI

"Love the merchandise! Great jackets, ponchos, blouses and dresses. Keep them coming! Thanks." ...Pam C. Warwick, RI

"Wonderful store. Wonderful quality. Love the clothing and incense. Thanx for the great selections. Much luck to you!." Pamela D. Greene, RI

"Gorgeous, unique, lovely stuff. Definitely worth saving up money for." K.R. Seekonk, MA

"I am always complimented on the things I buy from Spectrum." ...Jo Ann S. Pawtucket, RI

"Amazing & beautiful products. I love your store." ...Samantha G. Glouster, RI

"This is the way women should dress, flowers, beads and flowing skirts. Thank you for bringing the feminism back." ...Angela H. Providence, RI

"Beautiful, comfortable, wonderful selection." Samantha C. Bellingham, MA

"Beautiful shop, colored, happy and elegant clothes, with best quality." B.N. Providence, RI

"I love the dresses!" ... Abby A. East Greenwich, RI

"This place has beautiful exotic yet practical clothing at reasonable prices." Paula, Pawtucket, RI

"All your clothes and things are beautiful." ... Krystal B. Foster, RI

"Beautiful belly-dancing gear!!!" ...Alison N.

"Your clothing is beautiful! I will be back fore more!" ...Ashley W.




"Great store! Very unique!" ...Brynley L.

"The best store ever!!" ...Nikki R. Exeter, RI

"I love this store! I'm glad I found it!" ... Dana R. Cranston, RI

"Thanks! This place is awesome!" ...Sophie A. MA

"Thank you for being so helpful." ...Gaia L.

"Love the store... very unique!!" ...Susie L. Cranston, RI

"Very nice store!! Love it. Will be back w/friends." ...Kristen O.

"Very lovely place. The music is absolutely the best. Hope to pass through again." ...Michelle L. Providence, RI

"Very, very cool!!" ...Sherry K. RIC

"You have a beautiful shop and wonderful staff!" Maggie W.

"Your store is beautiful!" ...Eleanor G. Rumford, RI

"Lovely store. Lovely gifts. Lovely people." ...Marlene H. Providence, RI

"This is a great place. I love looking at all the colorful things. Thank you." ...Nicole N. Pawtucket, RI



"This store is very mellow with a nice sales associate. Very peaceful and it carrys a lot of nice things." ...Tynitta D Philadelphia, PA

"I found my favorite store!" ...Jocelyn H. Minneapolis, MN

"This store is just amazing. This country needs more stores like yours. Your warmth and friendliness make me want to bring everyone to visit you! Thank you so much!" ...Christina D. Quincy, MA

"Beautiful clothes. You just made a lifetime customer!" ...Anna A. Newton, MA

"Congratulations on the article! My mom and I love your wonderful store. I'll be back to visit you soon!" ...Marguerite and Annice, Mattapoisett, MA

"Wow, what a cool store!! There should be one everywhere!" ...Allison G. Merion, PA

"Loved your store; it is a variety of cultures, which I love so much." NMT Lorain, OH

"Thank you. What a wonderful visit. Good to know that you are still here and you have more space for your beautiful wares." ...Emily I. NY, NY

"Your store is beautiful. We loved everything!" ...Marsha S. MN

"Thank you for your kindness & hospitality!" ...Kelly M. Bronxville, NY

"Your store has beautiful things. I love it and will definitely come back." Rachel R. Boston, MA

"Fun B-day shopping with my twin." ...M. W. So. Dartmouth, MA

"I think your store is really beautiful and your jewelry also. I'll be back soon." ...Leslie Q. Brooklyn, NY

"Your store is fabulous... Thank you for your hospitality. Good luck!" ...Teresa W. Dayton, OH

"This place is awesome!" Heather H., Canton, GA

"Things are gorgeous and I look forward to coming back here!" ... Mary B. Bronx, NY

"Thank you! You are a true pro!" ...Kathy P. St. Louis, MO

"Thank you! Great gifts to take home. Hope to be back soon... The others are right. You put the fun & enjoyment back into shopping. Take care and keep on going!" ...Brian N. CA

"Thank you! You are so welcoming!" ...James K. Warwick, RI

"This is a great and hospitable store, even to dogs." ...I.C.S.

"This place is great" ...Kevin C. Portsmouth, RI

"Kool store. Beautiful cashier. Great personality." Patrick D. Pawtucket, RI

"You have a beautiful store. Thank you for your courtesies." ...Kyle and Adam Groton, CT